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Derbi Carreras client SF 8064, 1964 bought and raced by Gert Haas at Importuner Alfons Mohr in Mayen (Germany). In 1966 moped at the Derbi factory updated inter alia the tank and cylinder. The Derbi is sold by the son of Franz Haas Alexander Mohr, where we bought the Derbi again.

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Febbre a 50

Febbre to 50, gives an view of the finest and rarest sport and touring vintage mopeds. These are manufactured in the decades around the 60s until later. The era was the introduction of the hand switch made to shift pedal. Mopeds that became an example of a whole generation of teenagers and beyond. This book is the result of nearly three and a half years of research and this is supplemented by 650 photographs of more than 400 different models. This book can be considered as a small encyclopedia about this wonderful era, and a fitting tribute to two-wheeled vehicles that were built with imagination and ingenuity, which today more than ever reassessed and appreciated.